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Where It All Began

Prep Right was founded with the aim to offer accessible and affordable healthy meals throughout the UK. Our founder Alex, like many of us, often found himself ordering a takeout far too often, simply because it was the quickest and cheapest option available. Coming from a background in sport and regularly eating healthy, Alex found it difficult when the only alternative, besides prepping for hours, was to order takeout. Well, after one takeout too many, enough was enough and Prep Right was born.

A healthy lifestyle allows for a healthy mind and body, which shouldn’t require hours of your valuable time. We understand how difficult it is to eat healthy, it takes a lot of patience and planning, something we feel you shouldn’t have to do. And now you don’t have to, because the team at Prep Right does all the hard work for you, so you only have to worry about your taste buds tingling.

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